Cliq - Team Communication App Reviews

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Doesnt work

Downloaded the app, put my information and after that it says hang on a sec and it never does anything after that. It stays on the hang on a sec screen. Have delete the app from my iPhone multiple times and nothing changes.

Stops sending notifications for no reason

Stops sending notifications for no reason

Slight problems

My Cliq signs me out (sometimes multiple times a day) and then I don’t get notifications. It happens a lot to my app and my fellow colleagues. When it keeps me signed in it works well but it’s inconsistent.

i'm out...

slack wannabe.

Really well done

Better than slack in almost every way. Only issue so far is no iPad app.

UX is good. Reliable and helpful for collaboration

User experience is good and integrates well with my contacts.

Does not work

App doesn't work. Nothing ever comes out when launched on my iPhone.

So nice!

This app matches exactly to recent chats and chat history in your ZOHO account. Makes it so easy to start a chat on the desktop and switch to mobile flawlessly. So glad to have this! Trillian was a pain to use with ZOHO Chat, now this native app is a breathe of fresh air in comparison.


Best app

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