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Zoho Notebook Review: Google Keep killer?!

Zoho Notebook is a balance between Evernote and Google Keep. Successfully launched on iOS and Android. It now aims to become a way for you to capture notes, audio, sketches, images and more...

"So Yeah, We Tried Slack …"

We tried to get Adam and the Sandwich video team to make us a video. They didn't want to because "products like that never work". Six months later, they were using it. Seven months later they...

Beginner Setup And Introduction Tutorial On How To Use Slack For Team Communication

NEW VIDEO HERE: I updated the Slack Beginner Tutorial. Click the youtube link above to jump to it. Slack is awesome to get your team messaging communication...

pocketnow's Weekly iReview 02Jan11

Watch this week's iReview as we go through Skype's deployment of video calls on the iPhone, stronger Verizon rumors now in writing, and the Dev-Team's release of their beta for untethered jailbreak...

Root on motorola Quench Cliq XT

Root process on motorola Quenq/Cliq XT Its pretty good translated. We got a problem with some T-mobile ROM in our Brazilian forum. I'll write ez steps: You'll need SuperUser http://koushikdutta...

A Quick Introduction to Zoho Sprints

Zoho Sprints ( is a tool that helps agile teams plan and track their work. A backlog helps prioritise the list of tasks to be done. These are worked on in fixed...

Droid X DX Rom bOOStedICS v3 includes theme manager [Full REview] (News FEED) (DX files and archives) Be sure to Subscribe to this channel for more videos like this!

Flash Of Genius SAT vocab - Android Developer Challenge 2 - Apps fast test - Round 1

Welcome to the Android Developer Challenge 2 - users begin reviewing apps !!!! ADC2.

Accessing the Internet

You can access the web on the CLIQ so easily! Lean how to do so by watching this video.

How to Root ICS on Droid Bionic and Motorola Android!

Here's how to root ICS on Droid Bionic and other Motorola Android smartphones like Droid Razr, Droid 3, Droid 4, etc...etc... Download and Step-by-Step instructions:

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